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Freweini Named Top 10 CNN Hero – Ethiopian News

Freweini Named Top 10 CNN Hero

Freweini Named Top 10 CNN Hero
Freweini Named Top 10 CNN Hero

CNN has named Freweini Mebrahtu a Top 10 finalist for their Hero of the Year award for working to change the cultural stigma around women’s periods.

Freweini’s belief that no girl should miss school because of a period is resonating on a global scale in a big way.

Lack of menstruation education and supplies was driving girls to drop out of school, they wanted to help Freweini solve the problem.

Freweini had already established the Mariam Seba Sanitary Products Factory, but she needed financial and logistical support to produce and distribute high volumes of quality menstruation pads to girls throughout Ethiopia.
In Ethiopia, talking about menstruation is taboo.

As a result, most girls are fearful and unprepared when they start having periods. These girls often miss school, fall behind in their studies, and eventually drop out.

Solomon Yimer


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