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Abiy to launch ‘Medemer’ Book – Ethiopian News

Abiy to launch ‘Medemer’ Book

Abiy to launch ‘Medemer’ Book
Abiy to launch ‘Medemer’ Book

A Book authored by Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed and titled ‘Medemer’ (or synergy in English) will be launched next Saturday, Office of Prime Minister announced yesterday.

According to Nigusu Tilahun, Press Secretary at the Office, the Book is based on the Premier’s philosophy of ‘Medemer’ (synergy), and is published in three languages – Amharic, Afaan Oromo and English. While the books in Amharic and Afaan Oromo will be released on Saturday, the English version will start to hit bookshelves in three months time.

The Press Secretary also said that the Book is published in one million copies, and it is currently being distributed to every part of the country. The Book will be inaugurated on the coming Saturday in 20 cities of the country and in cities abroad including Washington DC, Los Angeles, Minnesota and Nairobi, in the presence of government officials, senior citizens, celebrities, scholars, youth, women and people from all walks of life.

A platform where the Book will be discussed and analyzed with the public will be arranged once it gets into the hands of the readers, Nigusu also added.It was also learnt that the money collected from the sale of the Book will go towards building schools in the country.

The Ethiopian Herald, October 16/2019

Solomon Yimer


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