Rain Helps Fight Wildfire in Bale

Rain Helps Fight Wildfire in Bale
Rain Helps Fight Wildfire in Bale

Mother Nature has come to the aid of overwhelmed firefighters after heavy rains on Tuesday put out part of the huge fire on Bale mountain national parks.

The blaze first occurred months ago was controlled by collaborative efforts of local farmers and park scouts before it causing much harm.

A week after a second blaze occurred in Bale mountains in the area called Goba and Dinsho districts had a massive coverage and was difficult to control easily, Aschalewu Gashawu told ENA.

A report by Ethiopian Wildlife Conservation Authority (EWCA) shows that park scouts and about 1500 members of the community also put out fires at both areas.

Now the wildfire which was occurred at Goba and Dinsho districts are under control, said Aschalewu.

About 17 suspects in connection with the wildfire are reportedly arrested and are under investigation, according to the park office.

The highly flammable plant species like Asta, which widely covered the area intensified the wildfire and made the fire difficult to control, said experts from the park office.

The high-intensity fire that broke out at park compound destroyed a massive amount of forest trees, an eyewitness told Dire Tube.

However, EWCA, a governmental organization responsible to undertake conservation and sustainable utilization of wildlife in the nation or the local park office didn’t disclose the total damage caused of the fire.

Encompasses an area of approximately 2,150 square kilometers (530,000 acres) in the Bale Mountains and Sanetti Plateau of the Ethiopian Highlands, Bale Mountains National Park (BMNP) is one of the national parks of Ethiopia registered by The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization is a specialized agency of the United Nations based in Paris.

Founds in the areas which ranges from grasslands around 3,000 meters in elevation to Mount Tullu Demtu, the second highest point in Ethiopia at 4,377 meters above sea level Bale Mountain is home to various endemic plants and animal species.

According to various reports, a threat associated with an ever-developing and an increasingly populated area, frequent wildfire remains one of the biggest threats to the park.

With limited human and financial resources, EWCA has tried to control the fire with its own staff members and the local community, yet it was all over the capacity of the masses, a worker close to the cause told Dire Tube.

Finally, the two days of rain have helped nearly extinguish the blaze, he said.

Parallel to the resettlement works to reallocate residents who lived inside the park, organized forest fire management system is crucial, the worker with years of experience said.

How long would the Authority wait for the rain to control such aggressive wildfire which damages massive natural resources only in a couple of minutes, he questioned

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